NCL represents a diverse range of clients in collection proceedings, including businesses, banks, credit unions, and many others. We handle all aspects of the collection process, including obtaining judgments, locating debtors and collateral, demand for payment, claim and delivery, judicial and non-judicial foreclosure, enforcement of judgments, and bankruptcy assistance.

NCL is able to represent clients throughout the state of Michigan and can assist lenders with domesticating judgments in other jurisdictions and located competent legal counsel outside of Michigan to assist with collection of debt.

Creditors are faced with an obligation to prevent or minimize losses in loan relationships.  In our unstable economy, this has become increasingly difficult and important.  NCL’s loss mitigation procedures has resulted in successfully working with Creditor’s to reduce the amount of damage and exposure to losses caused by a defaulted loan relationships.  Related Activities: Loan Workout & Forbearance, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Collection, Forbearance Agreements, Creditor’s Examinations, Garnishments (tax returns, bank accounts and wage), Levy and Liens, repossession of personal property, and Bankruptcy. 


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