Lawyers Can Be Slackers

Posted by: Mike Naughton 4 years ago


Emails are clutter. I am constantly digging for that one email sent by that one person that had that one thing that I need to review for that one client. Communication can be disjointed and disorganized by no one’s fault other than the tool we use (email). I think Slack helps create quicker, linear and more organized conversations complete with the documents we need to review while talking. 

Slack is an ideal tool for collaboration for attorneys. It is quick, seemless, organized and chronological. Instead of wading through the murky clutter of an email inbox, Slack helps you cut to the case and collaborate and share documents quickly.

Slack uses channels. Each subchannel can act as a committee. Members of subcommittees can be invited. Permissions can be provided only to each member and nice, linear, clutter free communications within subcommittees and/or the general board may occur. It’s like text messaging or instant messaging rather than email. Additionally, like email, you can attach and/or share files within the body of the conversation. In Slack you can jump directly to the relevant discussion, find the conversation/document/weblink/whatever and continue on.

Slack can be accessed via the web link above or, alternatively, through apps available for phones (iOS and Android), tablets, and desktops (PC, Mac and Linux [Debian-based or Redhat-based]).

Searches can be performed within slack and have delegation to separate subchannels. Slack can be reviewed and referred to while on conference calls or in real time to have a committee discussion with other attorneys down the hall or working remotely. Slack also has integration with Google Drive, Google Calendar and Hangouts so task delegation, docuemnt sharing and organization in an Google Apps environment is dead simple. Also, Slack is secure. It uses encryption in transit. If the device you are operating on is encrypted, then, it would also be encrypted at rest. 

Slack is a nice service. It integrates well in workflows. It allows for clearer, more consistent communication than the Grand Central Station of an email inbox.




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